Cannot write....(no space left on the device)


I´m running Dietpi on a PI3 and today I got a problem. The system tells me with a message “no space left on the device” . Yesterday I added a lot of pictures to my Emby server. Today the server has crashed and I assumed that crash was depending on the amount of pictures.

Any way, I restart the server but Emby don´t start after the reboot. I´m running the second latest beta version of Emby and I was trying to download the latest one but then I got the error message with “no space left on the device”.

I have a hdd connected to my ASUS router and the sytem is reading files via Samba share to Emby. So the hdd is not conntected to the PI3 via USB.

Does anyone have an idea what I should do?


Hi again,

Now I have find the where the problem is. The Emby cache temp folder was full and filled up the whole memory. I have deleted the files and installed the latest beta version of Emby.


Thanks for report and solution feedback.

Hmm not good that Emby does not clean it’s cache dir automatically, if full or from old items :thinking:.
Is it placed inside /tmp? How much space did the Emby cache take overall? Perhaps there is some setting that allows it to set maximum cache size?