Cannot update through OpenVPN

I’m usually use my Raspberry Pi far away from the local network, and it’s hard for me when comes an update i can’t make it through vpn connection and SSH because after i start the udate process it stops all the processes. And after everything i think its waiting for an enter before turn back the processes. So this way its inpossible to update the system through open vpn and away.
Please make it possible, or if i mistaken something, just say the solution pls :slight_smile:

Raspberry Pi3, DietPi newest before one version :smiley:


That’s correct. If you type in only dietpi-update, you have to press “Yes” in the appear dialog message.

to force a dietpi-update on your remote device , connected by OpenVPN via ssh, I will do it like this:

dietpi-update 2

to check, if a update is available and device got a connection.
Now you can force a available DietPi update:

dietpi-update 1 && reboot

This will take a while and you don’t see anything or get messages. And this will break your connection.
After installing the update and auto reboot, you have to reestablish your OpenVPN connection and login via ssh.

But I don’t like this. I prefer to establish a direct ssh connection onto remote devices (with a extra NAT forwarding rule on a high Port e.g. TCP:2222 => 22 on the remote internet router) without using a OpenVPN connection and make a “_norma_l” dietpi-update to see all terminal messages and reboot the device manually.

Thanks for your perfect answer :slight_smile: