Cannot make autofs + FTP work

Hi to all,
I’d like to configure autofs to automount a FTP share, but I cannot mount the share:




ftpshare -fstype=curl,rw,allow_other,nodev,nonempty,noatime    :ftp\://user\:password\@hostname


/mnt/ftp_client/    /etc/auto.ftp   --timeout=60

hostname is perfectly working, I can reach it wich a canonical ftp client, but if I try to browse the /mnt/ftp_client/ftpshare directory nothing happens. But if i try to cd into any other directory, say /mnt/ftp_client/foo, I get this error: automount[8662]: key “foo” not found in map source(s). Which suggests me that the automounter is correctly listening to on that directory.

Any clue?
Thanks in advance.