C1+ - VNC Encryption problem

Hi !

I’m getting this msg after turning ON encrypion in logging to VNC server
Bez tytułu.png
Where’s the problem ? Is there some option that need to be ON @ server settings ?

Hi Marg,

Tightvnc server is the program DietPi installs for vnc server.

As far as I can tell, Tightvnc doesn’t support encryption (yet):

To solve this problem, we have plans to implement built-in encryption in future versions of TightVNC.

And the runtime command line options have no encryption options available.

root@DietPi-XU4:~# vncserver --help
TightVNC Server version 1.3.9

Usage: vncserver [<OPTIONS>] [:<DISPLAY#>]
       vncserver -kill :<DISPLAY#>

<OPTIONS> are Xtightvnc options, or:

        -name <DESKTOP-NAME>
        -depth <DEPTH>
        -geometry <WIDTH>x<HEIGHT>
        -httpport number
        -basehttpport number
        -pixelformat rgb<NNN>
        -pixelformat bgr<NNN>