Building our own OrangePi image?

[i]finding pre-built images here and there
any of you developers wanna play with em?

and this[/i]

-edit- nope…just can’t figure it out

I have been beating my head on a rock for WEEKS…uggh
Igor is a damn genius…he figured it out and wrote a script that powers thru TONS of boards and generates

With that said…there are basic minimal debian jessie images on thier site

Download the image…burn to SD card…run the PREP script…

Just make sure you remember that all the hard work from the armbian guys…they do actually contribute MASSIVELY to the SBC community (sad that the developers e-peens seem to get in the way and they can’t see eye to eye and work together)

That’s the only way I know how to build a working image…cannot seem to get a daggum uboot image built to save my life.