boot from USB with Odroid N2+


I’m receiving an Odroid N2+ to replace my pie4 based plex server. I’m booting and running from an USB attached SSD fine and performance is great.
I’ve now read (before ordering) that the N2+ cannot boot from the USB drive (flashed with the respective dietpi image).
Is this true?

How can I achieve this? Running from a SD card is a nogo…

Thx in advance

Apart from SD, N2+ also have an eMMC memory card slot. It’s fast as hell.

Is that also a no go?

It wasn’t available when I ordered last week. But reading about the non usb boot I went there again and they were on stock. Ordered.
2 packages 2 transport costs. What the heck. At least not SD :smirk:

But I’d still like to know how to make this work from usb…