Boot error : Invalid user: 'dnsmasq:nogroup'

Hi Dan,

Am current with the updates and am on 89using PiHole on DietPi.

Noticed this morning that there is an error displayed while starting dnsmasq during boot – …'dnsmasqchown: Invalid user: ‘dnsmasq:nogroup’. Doing ‘useradd -G nogroup dnsmasq’ followed by a reboot, the error was no longer displayed. Hope it doesn’t create other issues.


Hi Micky,

Many thanks for the report.
We changed the dnsmasq user to www-data a few patches back. Not sure why you received this error, so I will need to look into it.

Could you please paste the results of this command:

cat /etc/init.d/dnsmasq | grep 'DNSMASQ_USER='

Also, can you remember which version of DietPi you were using when you installed Pi-hole?

Kind Regards,

Apologies for the delay.

I had installed PiHole using the Pihole image. The result of grep is DNSMASQ_USER=“www-data”

The install is current with the updates and is on 90.


Hi Micky,

Thanks for getting back to me.
This error has been resolved in DietPi v91 (should be released later this week).

As you can see by your grep result, dnsmasq is told to use the www-data user, however, it still reports an error if dnsmasq user doesnt exist. Looks like a bug in dnsmasq where it always checks for dnsmasq user, regardless of what user has been defined.