BOINC setup

Hi Daniel,

Any chance of an auto install for BOINC? My server is very under utilised and on 24/7 and this would be a good addition to the system. Setting up Boinc with a GUI is easy but much more complicated on the command line. I have this on another pi that is running pixel 24/7 but would like to transfer boinc to my DietPi setup.

Boinc allows you to help look for Aliens, find cures for disease, ect - BOINC was originally developed to support the SETI@home project. It provides server software that lets scientists create volunteer computing projects and client software that lets volunteers participate in any combination of these projects.
BOINC is used by projects from institutions across the globe for applications as diverse as mathematics, medicine, molecular biology, climatology, and astrophysics.

I don’t know how popular this addition would be but many of your users may have the spare capacity to help with this project.

I’d be interested as well…

I love the idea behind BOINC but I’m a little concerned about how it would affect the lifespan of the boards?
I understand you can limit their CPU usage for the projects but the power of the ARM processors is such that if you didn’t want to melt the board or overclock it’d probably take days to get anything worthwhile completed? Not sure what the time management of project tasks is like these days…