Better installation of kodi


When installing kodi from dietpi-software (Native PC X86_64), the installation is too basic with only the kodi package. At least the kodi-repository-kodi package is missing. Without it, no possibility to add an addon directly from the extension menu.
Some other packages are needed to install some addons but have to be installed manually (for example kodi-inputstream-). kodi-peripheral-joystick is necessary to configure your gamepad and play some MAME games.
I don’t know what is the best way to manage the packages to install with kodi depending on the use you want to make of it.
Maybe an automatic installation of the packages kodi-repository-kodi, kodi-audiodecoder-
, kodi-imagedecoder-, kodi-inputstream-.
Maybe also a window of choice like dietpi-software does for more specific packages like kodi-peripheral-, kodi-pvr-, kodi-screensaver-, kodi-visualization-.
I don’t know the use of kodi-vfs-* packages.


The VFS addons are for virtual file systems access.

In practice this is basically ZIP files, RAR files plus SACD and SFTP access. Without the relevant addon installed, Kodi will see archive files as simple files rather than having content that you may want to access directly without pre-expanding it beforehand.

Personally speaking I would support your suggestion about automatically adding the repo package but the others are rather subjective on how you want to use Kodi, and may cause unnecessary bloat. That’s why they are generally shipped by Team Kodi as individual packages in the first place (aside from also making it simpler to update them without having to update everything), so that installs can be kept lean and tailored to the end users needs without excessive stuff installed.

yup, we aim to install software as lean as possible, as it is no issue to install additional modules without issue if needed. I general required modules depend on personal needs and until now it seems basic installation is fine for majority of users. If interest peaks, we could add modules like kodi-repository-kodi or kodi-vfs-*

Sorry for my english.
Maybe I’m wrong but I think the kodi-peripheral-joystick package is strictly needed if you want to use a tv remote or gamepad controller. It provides joystick and tv remote drivers and button mapping services for Kodi.
For me, without this package, I can’t map and use none of my gamepad controllers or tv remote.