Best way to transfer my server data between 32-bit and 64-bit Raspberry Pi?

I recently found there’s a beta image for Raspberry Pi, with support for the 64-bit architecture. By now I have a very customized installation, which I use as my home server, and has several web applications installed already, some with major manual settings required (especially Dovecot and Mastodon). The problem is that, since Raspbian and Raspberry Pi OS are rather different, I can’t just make a backup with dietpi-backup and import it to the new image without things breaking, since the packages are 32-bit. I’m trying to find a way to:

  • Make a list of all the packages I currently have installed, in particular those that aren’t part of the default installation

  • Generate a list of all the configuration files I’ve manually modified from the default installation, since they’ve been many and haven’t documented all of them yet

  • Make a proper backup of MariaDB and PostgreSQL

  • Make a list of all the symlinks I’ve made from my system to my external hard drive (most of my data resides there), so I can replicate the changes

For a few of these steps I have found automated tools, such as AutoMySQLBackup, but for the others (very especially the configuration files) I have found nothing, and fear missing a configuration file or two and permanently break the system upon transfer. Do you have any tools or scripts you can recommend to make the transfer less manual?


many thanks for your question. Personally I don’t know a tool that will collect all your config files. But at least I can give you 2 commands who can list all installed packages.

dpkg --get-selections
apt list --installed

In general I would recommend to perform a test installation of all software title you like to migrate. We already found some who are not working on Raspberry OS 64bit Beta. One example would be WireGuard (missing kernel headers or applications who still depend on JAVA v8).

I also need to get the best way to transfer my server data between 32-bit and 64-bit Raspberry Pi. Can someone help.