Backup to different SBC?

Hello Everyone,

It is possible to transfer a USB backup to an entirely different SBC?

I’ve used the DietPi-PREP script to convert Armbian on a Cubox-i in to DietPi. All works fine except for a bug with Armbian where it completely fuddles the boot if the Cubox-i loses power. Meaning that I have to go through the 90min conversion and restore process every time someone accidentally flips the switch.

I’d like to move everything over to a (hopefully more robust and reliable) Pi3 but I’m concerned that the backup from the Cubox-i might not make the crossover. Any reassurance much appreciated.


Sadly that is not possible. Wrong bootloader wrong kernel wrong device tree wrong firmware, likely wrong architecture, wrong APT repository and based on all above wrong install and config methods used by our scripts :slight_smile:. Only RPi images can be switched around all RPi models since they are packed with all required boot, kernel and device tree files for all RPi models and correct ones are loaded automatically based on hardware.

So basically you need to setup a fresh image on RPi and copy over manually relevant data and configs.

Strange bug that causes an unbootable image only on power loss? I mean that can happen if something is writing to boot-critical files or refactoring something on the file system so that boot-critical files cannot be read or are corrupted, but that should happen only with bad luck and not reproducably?

Thanks for the bad news.

Yeah that is the downside on ARM vs x86, and I do not fully understand yet why a single x86 image can boot on nearly every x86 machine while there is not (yet) such generic systems available on ARM but every device requires its very own special kernel and all such.

However, the good news is the same question can up team-internally around writing additional content for our new documentation site and we plan to add one for migrating DietPi images to at least give an overview of what can be copied without issues, what can be copied only in certain circumstances and what must never be copied + which directories actually contain software data and configs on DietPi and Debian/UNIX in general.