Backup and Restore DietPi System

this is probably a stupid question, but i want to ask it anyway.

DietPi and Nextcloud are installed on an RPi 3B. It’s a 32-bit system.
Since News is no longer updated under Nextcloud for 32bit, I would like/have to switch to 64bit.
It certainly makes no sense to make a backup of the 32-bit system, install DietPi in the 64-bit version, install Nextcloud and then restore at least the DietPi settings with restore?
Probably i can create a backup from Nextcloud to restore the parameters.

But my idea is certainly completely wrong, since the differences between 32-bit and 64-bit are far too complex. It will probably result in a complete reinstallation?

Well as you already find out, 32bit and 64bit are two complete different architecture and a simple backup restore using dietpi-backup will not work, as it will damage your system.

Therefore you would need to go for a complete new installation if you like to switch to 64bit. However you could create a database backup of nextcloud that will be imported automatically during installation on 64bit. the easiest would be to perform an uninstall on 32bit as this will trigger the backup. On 64bit copy all data in place before installing. Usually the install script will detect the backup and create the new database with it.

That sounds like a plan. Thanks.

Don’t forget to create a backup of all your data before going that way. Just in case. And you never know what happens :wink:

I will take note of that. :wink:

Huh, Nextcloud won’t update anymore on 32-bit systems? Where you get this from?

There were some long standing issues with 32-bit, e.g. that downloads of files >2 GiB doesn’t work and the trash bin has issues when containing >3 GiB of files. So for next update Nextcloud drops official 32-bit support as there are no trivial fixes possible and all modern SBCs are ARMv8. But I wasn’t aware that the update wound be prevented as well. I was actually actively asking/arguing against it and the related change I know about was for the documentation only.

EDIT: Ah you mean the News app :smile:. Sorry for the noise, jep that doesn’t work anymore on 32-bit.

Can I assume that if I install DietPi in a 64-bit version, Nextcloud from the software area is also a 64-bit version? So News shouldn’t be a problem anymore…

Yes this should fit.

Nextcloud is a PHP application and is hence the same, regardless which CPU architecture is used. What will be 64-bit is the PHP-FPM server which interprets/translates Nextcloud, as well as the webserver :wink:.

Then I’ll tackle that soon. Thanks for the info.