Automation_Custom_ - create folders with the Automation script

I am trying to do as much as possible at install, so I want to use both of the automation scripts that dietpi provides

I am using this image: DietPi_ROCKPi4-ARMv8-Bookworm.img

I have a question regarding creating two folders with either the or
(both scripts have the same issue)

I have tried this:

mkdir /certs
mkdir /vpnprofiles

but the folders get created like this:


after boot i can create them myself by doing sudo mkdir certs? but why cant i during install/automationscript?

You edited that file from a windows machine, did you? The \r is a windows/dos style symbol for the end of a line. You saved the file in windows style format and ran it on a unix machine.
In text editors like notepad++ you can convert the End Of Line Symbols between DOS and unix (and mac) to your requirements.

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Wow thanks, its that’s right I am using notepad++, did not know that.

For all others:

If you go into Notepad++ and go to Edit>EOL Conversion
You can do Unix-style, Windows-style, or Mac-style.

  • Unix is \n only
  • Windows is \r\n
  • Mac is \r only