Automatically mount USB drive

Running Dietpi (64bit, v8.11) with LXDE on RPi4.

I would like users to be able to insert a USB drive (FAT formatted) and have it mounted, without the user executing terminal commands.

There was a similiar post here.

I had used this github project before, but it stopped working for me, maybe because as some point I switched from 32bit to 64bit Dietpi. That package seems dated based on the last git commit, and there is a waring that the technic used is “dirty”.

When I research this topic I find references to “usbmount”, but I am unable to install the package, “unable to locate package”. Other references indicate USB auto mounting is tied to the GUI install.

basically, you need to clone the git repository down to your system and run the configuration script. Did you try that?

That indeed seemed to work, given a few limited tests.
For anyone else, I lost the most time not knowing where the deb file was created by the build process, it was one directory level up (and indeed the build output indicates that).

Although I got usbmount built, installed, and working, I wasn’t able to get permissions working, and after ~3 hours of trying to fix that I went back to the original solution based on

After 2 hours I found the issue, and filed an issue and workaround: Dietpi/RPi Kernel not matching udev rule · Issue #10 · raamsri/automount-usb · GitHub

The last update on the usb mount project happens in 2018. I doubt there will be further development or any reaction from the developer :slight_smile: