(Auto-)switching webserver / double no-ip domain support?

Is there a way to switch from lighttpd to Apache, even if no-ip and letsencrypt have already been set up? An automated solution would be best, but I would also be grateful for a step-by-step guide.

I would also like to see more than one no-ip domain set up. Currently it only seems to work with a single domain. (Two would be enough for my purposes…) Also for this I would also be grateful for a step-by-step guide, instead of an automated solution.

Maybe someone can help me with this?

No-IP works competely independent of the webserver, so it will stay working the same regardless if you change or remove the webserver. I think the (official) client does not support multiple IPs. This is what you can call via dietpi-config, so run it again and check whether there is an option to add a second IP. Sadly AFAIK there is no way to use an own custom client to support it :frowning:.

To apply the letsencryt certificate to Apache2, you either need to call certbot --apache manually from console, or you remove /etc/letsencryt/your.domain.org/live/cert.pem which makes dietpi-letsencryt believe that no cert exists yet and hence calls certbot in full install mode for the first webserver it finds.