Audio setup for DietPi, RPiZeroW + Cmus?

Hi All

Does anyone have any experience getting Cmus (CLI music player) to work with RPi Zero W via HDMI audio output?

Trying to set up a CLI only system and getting stuck setting the audio output via HDMI to TV in Cmus

I have dietpi-config > audio set to HDMI output and alsautils downloaded and set in the config file

By default Cmus does not have any ALSA settings set, have tried various settings for alsamixer, alsachannel, output_plugin etc found on various other forums but nothing seems to work - keep getting error either:

No file/directory found (not finding sound driver?)
invalid argument (ALSA settings incorrectly set by me?)

Anyone know what the correct settings in Cmus should be?

As an aside, I also tried downloading and running MOC (another CLI music player) which is supposed to work well with ALSA, but that gave me an error:

Trying JACK
Trying OSS
Trying ALSA
No sound driver found!

Am I missing something in the dietpi configurationfor setting the sound driver

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: