apt-cacher.ng image

i was thinking, it would be great for one of the dietpi gurus to create a couple of files (Automation_Custom_Script.sh & dietpi.txt) which turn a sacrificial pi into a local apt-cacher.ng server which you can then point all your devices to on your local lan.

this would mean if you are in the process of debugging install scripts (or just happen to need to do a lot of installs at once) there is not a huge hit on your internet traffic

i had a crack at it, and managed to manually make a server, and i can get it working if i point an already installed device at it, but am running into issues in correctly configuring a dietpi.txt (on a new client device) to use the server for it’s initial update - which is where all the bandwidth gets swallowed up.

i figure this is something everyone could use.

obviously the server needs to have a static ip, which can either be achieved by using dietpi-config and setting an address manually or by forcing the router to always give it the same address based on it’s NIC’s MAC.

ideally if one of the files (Automation_Custom_Script.sh or dietpi.txt) lets you set a static ip for the caching server, it could then perhap serve a sample clientside dietpi.txt via http to get you started (eg with apt-get already pointed at the caching server)

or maybe using mdns to locate the server would be a good way to do it too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multicast_DNS