[Answered] Remot3.it/Weaved

Hi guys,

Did Remot3.it got removed from the list of software available ?

I’ve been unable to locate it on the latest release 6.16… If this is the case could you point me to a worthy alternative?

Many thanks for your help!! Also I would to thank the DietPI dev’s for their AMAZING work!! :slight_smile:

2018-10-03 13:18:00 root@micha:/var/log# dietpi-software list | grep remot3.it
id 68 | =0 | remot3.it: (weaved) access your device over the internet | | https://dietpi.com/forum/t/dietpi-survey-information/32/1

Category 10 (Remote Access), software ID 68.

You can also install it via dietpi-software install 68, and at best reboot manually afterwards :wink:.

Note it is only available on ARMv6+7, not ARMv8 or x86, if this might be the reason?

That explains it ! I was trying to get it on a rock64 board…

Actually x86_64 package is available: https://github.com/remoteit/installer/tree/master/Ubuntu_deb/weavedconnectd_1.3-07_x86

But you need arm64 :thinking:.
For now I can’t find a version you would need. Keeping eyes open.