amateur in over his head

Hello to all- Having the same problem after many attempts to setup dietpi. I cannot connect to wifi despite entering SSID and password. I cannot load the software list to install desktop. Each time I start with a freshly burned sd card, follow instructions after boot. Wifi is turned on, but cannot connect. No ethernet connected, yet I cannot turn off ethernet. I’ve setup many other distros, but strike out each time with dietpi. Is it time to give up and move on to something else? All the info says that Dietpi is simple to setup, yet it seems beyond me.


it is simply to setup, as well WiFi. What SBC you are using? Do you use any special character on your WiFi password? Do you try connecting to 2,4GHz or 5GHz WiFi?

Raspberry PI Zero W. I don’t think I’m using any forbidden characters in my PW. It works under Linux Mint. I’m stumped.

I’ve gotten a little farther. Wifi is now on and the menu says it is connected. Still no access to net.

do you see the device connected on your router? Does it got an IP address assigned?

can you post ip a

no ip adress listed on router

what about ip a

I’ve given up trying to do anything with a pi zero w. Absolute trash.

i had the same problem. I got an idea and installed a GUI and then inserted the WiFi, and it connected! Then i copied the wpa_supplicant.conf
It appeared there was a SPACE within the name at the end. Who knew…

this is always an option to verify wpa_supplicant.conf, if thinks are stored correctly