Alternatives to bluetooth

Hi. I need some help around here please. I was trying to use my rspberry pi zer w as an audio receiver, using Dietpi as the operating system and bluetooth dongle. I got satisfactory results sending music from my android phone, but when I tried to do the same from my pc with Debian, and dongle bluetooth transmitter from this one, I did not get it. I guess it’s because the dongle did not work properly as a transmitter. So I gave up. The alternatives that I have left are: spend about 20 dollars on a bluetooth transmitter of better quality, or use another alternative to listen to the audio from my Debian pc, on the raspberry audio receiver, which is connected to a hifi device.
The variety of software that Dietpi proposes is enormous. What I want is to play audio from my Debian PC, without having to transfer files to the raspberry. That is, it works as if it were by bluetooth. It’s possible? I knew a software called Soundwire. But I do not know how to implement it in the raspberry. Any suggestions? Thank you

I found a solution to play music without bluetooth: install Gmrender and play files from my android device with a very nice app from android google play store named Share On Audio.

From my pc, think bluetooth is the better solution because i used for youtube, etc, and i need raspberry work like sound device.

I will be work in that direction.
Sorry my poor english.