Allo USBridge Signature DietPi Dac driver problem?

Mac mini late 2012, Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6, Audiosoftware Roon

Allo USBridge signature with latest DietPi Allo GUI, Roonbridge

USB to T+A Dac 8 (Tenor 8802TL USB chip)

Driver issue? 24 bit playback problem at certain frequency’s…

16 bit 44.1 oké
24 bit 44.2 crackling, pops
24 bit 88.2 crackling, pops
24 bit 96 oké!
24 bit 176.4 …? No material so have not tried
24 bit 192 crackling, pops

Roon core output to USBridge signature Squeeze lite no problems at any frequency Squeeze lite seems to run at 16bit. all the time.

There used to be a kernel problem with my dac but this should no longer be the case with newer RPI kernel?

Is it this one?
In case here is an updated driver, just provided by Allo:
This will be implemented in DietPi as well with next update, sadly it came closely too late to be included in v6.26 :frowning:.

Yeah, this should be it, thx for your kind support :slight_smile: