After uninstall crash /mnt/dietpi no longer exists

Your core system is damaged as the network stack has been removed. There are not that much options at the moment.

Question: do you have local access with keyboard and monitor attached?

That’s handy

Yes I have local access with keyboard and monitor attached

Ok try to locally and hopefully you are able to restore a backup? If yes, you might be able to restore the network.

Yes, I could restore from the backup, I’ll then leave pihole installed for now till a correct uninstall is available. I’ll give a try tomorrow

You could uninstall PiHole. The only thing to take into account, don’t remove the dependencies. You will get a question during removal by the PiHole uninstall script. Just skip that step.

If you still have direct access (instead of SSH) to the system, you could also reinstall the network stack:

apt install ifupdown

And reconfigure the network via dietpi-config.

Reminds be once again to contribute that uninstaller change to Pi-hole to prevent users from purging essential system packages.

But this is not going to work if iproute2 has been removed, correct?

Ah lol right, a bootstrap issue for getting network up, I answered too early in the morning it seems :slight_smile:. In theory the package could be downloaded and moved into the system drive externally to be installed via dpkg -i.