Add a physical hdd to DietPi VM

Hi all,
so, I’m running Win10 as my host and starting DietPi VM as guest. Vmware Workstation 15 or 16 versions as hypervisor. DietPi is preconfigured VM for VMWare downloaded from this site.
When I try to add a physical disk to VM configuration - VMware shows “Dictionary problem” and VM not start. This happens on any state of VM - before first boot, after initial setup, after full setup and some time of VM online =(
Any thoughts / suggestions?

I guess it is an issue of VM Ware / Win and not DietPi. You can have a look to following KB article

Thx, but no
I have ‘dictionary problem’ error, not ‘disk in use’.
Physical disk is all cleared, drive letter is removed and even volume is deleted so in Windows Disk Managment disk is shown as black-bar, empty.

Disk can be formatted as FAT32, exFAT or NTFS - error is the same, “dictionary problem”

still something you might need to check with VMWare if the VM is not booting at all.

Well, [SOLVED!]
Just update to VMWare Workstation Version 16.2.2 and start it with admin priveleges. Notice, Start as admin, not only start as usual and then confirm UAC.