Accessing music on external drive attached to PI

Hi all,

I have music stored on an SSD attached to a Raspberry PI running dietpi. I use this mainly for music with an IQAUDIO Dac. The drive is 128GB in size has plenty of space left on it.

I also have a Sonos connect. I will like to be able to let Sonos share the same music on the SSD drive. I have a drive attached to my router for this but I am thinking that it is waste and will like to use one drive as I stream most of my music.

The SSD drive is mounted as /mnt/usb_1 (same as /mnt/dietpi_userdata). The music is in /mnt/usb_1/Music. Is there an easy way to allow Sonos access?

Any help welcomed

Thanks in advance
Requirements for using a NAS with Sonos 
Sonos works with any NAS drive that supports the SMB / CIFS file sharing protocol. Sonos does not recommend any particular model of NAS drives.

Samba server will do it:
dietpi-software > Fileserver choice > Samba > Go start install


After installing samba, do I share the whole drive as /mnt/usb_1

If your DietPi user data is setup for USB drive, DietPi does that automatically, creating a share called dietpi


Thanks for the quick reply. My DietPi user data is setup for USB drive I think. It is /mnt/dietpi_userdata. Drive mount is /mnt/usb_1. From the site i see following

Accessing Samba File Server

  • Address = \\dietpi or \dietpi\dietpi
  • username = root
  • password = dietpi

I installed samba and thought that i should be able to mount drive from my Windows PC to \\dietp ( 0r hostIP\dietpi). Both fails. If I point sonos to \\dietpi, I ‘the get computer \\dietpi’ is not responding’

I am think that the share called dietpi has not been created in my case


You’ll need to change the IP address to match your RPi system. You can find the IP address with:



I tried that as per my last update (hostIP\dietpi). My ip using ifconfig is after samba install using dietpi_config, do I need to do anything further. I probably missed something.

Also I can I check if the share (If your DietPi user data is setup for USB drive, DietPi does that automatically, creating a share called dietpi) was created. If wasn’t what is the best way. Currently I have all my music in /mnt/usb_1/Music. I noticed that it is the same as /mnt/dietpi_userdata/Music


That installs the samba client.

Install server (which will allow this system to share files on USB drive) with:

dietpi-software install 96


Many thanks. I new I was doing something wrong when I could not find the samba service. I install the samba server and it works like a charm