Access services from outside network

Hi all,

I am new to server build thing :smiley:
I have successfully set up RPi 3 with DIetPi. I use it for Plex and qBittorrent. Everything works very well.
I wanted to ask, maybe someone can guide me threw how can I access my server from outside networks. All I want is to access qBittorrent from my phone anywhere. Is it possible to set this kind of thing? The perfect scenario would be if I could allow only my phone access my server from other networks (phone MAC address maybe)?
I already tried NAT Port forwarding on my TP-Link router, but I not sure if that is the best approach?

Have a look to Wireguard VPN if you like to grant access for your mobile phone only. Pretty simple and nobody else will have access from outside world. We offer native Wireguard as well as PiVPN (CLI frontend for Wireguard). VPN Software Options - Docs

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Thanks @Joulinar
I followed this video: PiVPN + WireGuard Complete Setup - Build Your Own VPN Server!

Now, from WireGuard I can enable tunnel and I can access my server services from any network :slight_smile: