A couple questions about backup/restore.

I have an older backup of my Odroid XU4. Today it wouldn’t boot and I’m muddling through an install.

What’s the proper way? On first boot it warns about closing setup, but if you continue it does a full update which is then overwritten by the backup?

Is there a way to sync only the userdata from the backup? I’ve read that some config files could be placed manually but that seems like a tedious and possibly error prone, for me, way to restore them.

-edit: Restoring failed, for one of the issues I couldn’t get sorted at the time of the backup. The external HDD spontaneously unmounts.

Does your external HDD have a dedicated power supply?
Please also run fsck on the file system to fix possible errors.

And jep generally doing a fresh install and recovering the backup from there should work. Otherwise jep copying the userdata only is difficult since data and configs from all software titles lay on different locations. Of yours /mnt/dietpi_userdata (inside backup) contains most userdata but especially for program settings it is quite individual for each program.

Yes, the HDD enclosure has it’s own power supply. The drive is a seagate however which might be causing the initial problem of the drive not waking up.

I looked at dietpi-sync having the idea of restoring then “backing up” using sync, but it doesn’t look like a good way go either.
Considering the stability problems I had I guess I’m going to bite it and just do a clean install and config and hope that fixes it.

I had some problems with finding a decent software to back up files, here are some good options that can be useful for you.

For Linux I had a closer look on FOSS borg backup: https://www.borgbackup.org/
It supports incremental compressed backup, something that is very rare in this combination. So your backup archives are compressed and still it supports to only transfer/write incremental changes since last backup, vastly reducing disk I/O and transferred data.

Most importantly, never pay money for backup software on at least Debian (thus DietPi). You have a bunch of very reliable FOSS alternatives within Debians APT repo that provide you all and more features of any paid solution. Better donate to them :slight_smile:.

But OPs issue is I guess not so much which backup software to use, but which data to backup/migrate. And no backup solution in the world can detect for you which files you need to catch to have all userdata/settings inside, besides doing simply a full drive backup.


I started over. It wasn’t too bad as so e configs are apparently stored on the HDD. As an aside the system is much more stable and I used the opportunity to change up some software.