A couple of questions

Have just installed Dietpi on my pi0w and so far so good… Simply used ‘dd’ to install image to my micro sdcard, set wifi and password and was good to go.

Once system had set up I was able to ssh in without any issues.

Would like to know if I can install Pi-Hole under DietPi?

Maybe run a simple server?


many thanks for your request. Basically you are able to install all software title that are available on Debian.
Specially on DietPi you already have a larger amount of pre-configured software that simply can be installed by running dietpi-software

An overview can be found at https://dietpi.com/docs/software/

Two other overviews until we ported everything to our new docs:

Especially Pi-hole is one of the much used ones according to our stats: https://dietpi.com/survey/#software