6.8 update problem on Z83

Not a big one but posted here in case anyone else comes across it.

I have XRDP installed. The update stalled on VNC installation. Reboot, I had to start update again. Same story.

Solved by uninstalling XRDP, updating, and reinstalling XRDP.


Do you remember or can you find the related log entries/errors shown on screen? Did the error occurred during APT installations? Can’t think of anything else that could break, just some APT installations (most of them are already installed, thus should be just skipped), and other trivial file creation :thinking:.

Sorry I don’t have logging enabled (I’ll change that). All I remember is that when VNC was being installed the system sat and did nothing. I opened htop in a second terminal but no clues I could see. Exited the install with ctrl-c and tried again.