100% CPU load with Raspi 1 Model B


I’m experiencing the following issue with any of my 2 Raspi 1 Model B:
Executing an apt command, e.g.

apt search <package>

puts the Raspi in 100% CPU load.
The CPU load is CPU_USER, means no CPU_WAITIO that would point to the SD card.

This slows down the Raspi dramatically.

I don’t expect this behaviour with a standard software update task and I’m asking here if somebody can confirm this as normal?


This is as expected as the divice is not the fastest one. As well we store repository information on a compressed format. Means it would need to be uncompressed first, causing CPU load. This feature we activate to protect SD cards a little bit. As well apt search is quit intense command. You could try apt show

Running apt update will result in same high CPU load.

Exactly… and this means I cannot tune these operations with this Raspi model?

You try to disable the compression on apt index files

echo 'Acquire::GzipIndexes "false";' > /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/98dietpi-uncompressed
/boot/dietpi/func/dietpi-set_software apt-cache clean
apt update

And would you consider that this model (with its HW restrictions) is usable as a PXE server?

You mean to host NFS shares that will be used by other systems to mount/boot from?

No I don’t think so. Network port as well as USB ports are slow parts. The RPi1 is the slowest RPI model you could have.

Thanks for your support to troubleshoot this issue!

Same issue with the RPi 0, single core, anything that is CPU intensive will bog it down rapidly…best thing to do is sit by and let it finish

Multicore machines handle the loads much better, filesharing isn’t usually that heavy on resources