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How do I run DietPi-Software and install optimised software items?

To install any of the DietPi optimised software items listed below run from the command line:


Choose Browse Software and select one or more items. Finally select Install.
DietPi will do all the necessary steps to install and start these software items.

DietPi-Software menu screenshot

To see all the DietPi configurations options, review the DietPi Tools section.

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FreshRSS is a self-hosted RSS feed aggregator.

FreshRSS screenshot

  • URL = <http://<your.IP>/freshrss
  • Username = dietpi
  • Password = dietpi

Official documentation:


If you always wanted your very own forum, phpBB is all you need.

Also Installs:

  • Webserver

phpBB example forum screenshot

Access Forums

URL = http://<your.IP>/phpbb

First Run Setup

DietPi automatically creates the SQL database for phpBB. Please follow the steps below to enter those details into phpBB to complete the setup.

Access to the phpBB website

  • URL = http://<your.IP>/phpbb
  • Click the “Install” tab
  • Click “Proceed to next step”
  • Click “Start install”

MySQL/MariaDB database details

To enter the MySQL/MariaDB database details:

  • Database server hostname or data source name (DSN) = localhost
  • Database username = phpbb
  • Database name = phpbb
  • Database password = dietpi (respectively your chosen global software password)

  • Click “Proceed to next step”

  • Click “Proceed to next step”

Create your admin account

This account will be used for full access to phpBB forum.

  • Click “Proceed to next step”
  • Click “Proceed to next step”
  • Click “Proceed to next step”

Email and Server URL settings

Use the default values.

  • Click “Proceed to next step”
  • Click “Proceed to next step”

The database tables will now be generated, please wait.


Click “Login”
Using your admin login details that you created previously, you can now manage and create your forum pages.

As the installation is now completed, you will need to remove the installation folder, before the forum can be live. Run the following command:

rm -R /var/www/phpbb/install

Your forum is now ready.


WordPress is a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. It allows you to create your own website.

Wordpress logo and usage pictogram

URL = http://<your.IP>/wordpress

The first time you connect, enter the following MySQL database details:

  • Database name = wordpress
  • Username = wordpress
  • Password = your global application password
  • Database Host = localhost
  • Table Prefix = wp_

Single File PHP Gallery allows you to host and browse your images from a web interface.

Also Installs:

  • LASP Webserver

Single File PHP Gallery web interface screenshot

URL = http://<your.IP>/gallery

To add your own images:

  • Create your image folder

    mkdir /var/www/gallery/MyImageFolder
  • Put an image file inside your new folder

    mv dietpi-logo_192x192.png /var/www/gallery/MyImageFolder/


YouTube video tutorial: DietPi: Easily set up Raspberry Pi projects (e.g. a shared photo gallery).


Baïkal is a lightweight CalDAV + CardDAV server.

Baïkal web interface screenshot

Access the setup page:

  • URL = http://<your.IP>/baikal/html
  • Enter a new admin password for your account, then click the next/save button.

Enter MySQL Details:

  • Use MySQL = Yes
  • MySQL host =
  • MySQL database name = baikal
  • MySQL username = baikal
  • MySQL password = your global software password (default: dietpi)
  • URL = http://<your.IP>/baikal/html/admin
  • Username = admin
  • Password = What you set during first run setup above.


OpenBazaar is a free decentralised peer to peer market server for all. No fees. Usage of Bitcoins.
Oldschool: Think Napster, but for buying and selling stuff using your Bitcoins.

OpenBazaar client screenshot

The client will allow you to browse and trade, within the OpenBazaar market network.

Step 1:
During installation, you will be asked to enter a username, password, and allowed IP address.

Step 2:
Next, you will need to open the OpenBazaar Client and add your server:

  • Click Menu (top right)
  • Click New Server
  • Select Standalone
  • Enter the IP address of your DietPi device, and, the username and password you applied in step 1.


Synapse is a server, written in Python, for communication using the Matrix protocol.

For communicating with Synapse, you can use Element, however any client that supports the Matrix protocol should work.

Synapse is by default set up to be a private server, with no connection to any other servers. To connect to other servers (federate), see Note that frp does not currently work with Synapse.

  • Config directory:
  • Main config file:
  • DietPi config override:
    This also contains the PostgreSQL database details and that file is hence only readable to root or the synapse user.

To add or change settings, best practice is to create a new override configuration, e.g.:


For changes to take effect, the service needs to be reloaded:

systemctl reload synapse

The DietPi Synapse implementation creates a systemd service synapse.service to start and control the Synapse server. The following commands can be used:

  • Start: systemctl start synapse
  • Stop: systemctl stop synapse
  • Restart: systemctl restart synapse
  • Reload config: systemctl reload synapse
  • Print status: systemctl start synapse

Logs are done to the system journal an can be viewed via:

journalctl -u synapse

Since Synapse is installed via Python 3 pip, you can update it via:

pip3 install -U matrix-synapse

Official website:
Official documentation:
Source code: matrix-org/synapse
License: Apache 2.0

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