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Release Notes

January 2023 (version 8.13)


The January 14th, 2023 release of DietPi v8.13 comes with a new image for the NanoPi R5C and a couple of improvements and bug fixes.

Bird house snow

Photo by Trevor205, Pixabay

New images

  • NanoPi R5S/R5C Our NanoPi R5S image has been verified to work fine on NanoPi R5C as well, and the hardware model has been hence internally renamed to indicate this.


  • General Reduced log level for kernel logs to console to omit warnings. This matches to what the “quiet” kernel command-line parameter results in and helps to prevent messy display with DietPi-CloudShell, Pi-hole PADD and similar. Many thanks to @Falconcrest for reporting a related issue:
  • DietPi-Software | myMPD On fresh installs, plain HTTP is now disabled completely but myMPD is accessible via HTTPS on port 1333 only. The myMPD CA for the default self-signed certificate is added to the systems trusted store to allow MPD fetching web radio playlists from myMPD.
  • DietPi-Software | vaultwarden Updated to latest version 1.27.0 with web vault v2023.1.0. The update can be applied via reinstall: dietpi-software reinstall 183
  • DietPi-Software | NoMachine Updated to latest version 8.2.3. The update can be applied via reinstall: dietpi-software reinstall 30
  • DietPi-Software | Transmission The cache-size-mb setting is not set to anymore on fresh installs. It was set to 10% of RAM size, which is often too much for a pure download cache. It now defaults to 4 MiB instead. If you experience inconsistent download speeds on an existing install, you may edit or remove the setting in /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json. Many thanks to @bbsixzz for bringing up this topic: MichaIng/DietPi#5069
  • DietPi-Software | UrBackup The backup path can now be pre-configured with a new SOFTWARE_URBACKUP_BACKUPPATH setting in dietpi.txt.
  • DietPi-Software | Amiberry Updated to version 5.5.1, including LibSDL2 v2.26.2. The update can be applied via reinstall: dietpi-software reinstall 108

Bug fixes

As always, many smaller code performance and stability improvements, visual and spelling fixes have been done, too much to list all of them here. Check out all code changes of this release on GitHub: MichaIng/DietPi!6053