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Release Notes

May 2021 (version 7.2)


Welcome to May 2021 release of DietPi.

With this release we bring more details on things which will be delivered within current iteration. Check always the iteration planning page in DietPi Wiki to see what will be delivered next!

This release extend the support for new SBCs, add new providers for DietPi-DDNS and DietPi-VPN, and also brings a new configuration option for browser selection.

Plus, more enhancements & bug fixes!

DietPi Version 7.2

Browser preference option

  • Firefox The Mozilla Firefox browser has now become an independent software option with the ID 67. A browser preference option has been added to DietPi-Software.

    DietPi Browser preference

    This can be set prior to first boot, using the new setting available in dietpi.txt file:

    Configuration options

    There are available next options: 0 = None | -1 = Firefox | -2 = Chromium

    Note: This option defines the browser to be installed only when a desktop is installed. It won’t be installed if no desktop is installed and a manual browser selection will override it.


    Web browser will be installed only when a desktop is installed. It’s similar to the webserver preference where an webserver will ONLY be installed when another software title requires it.

    Why this change? Instead of having always Firefox installed when a desktop got selected (or pulled as dependency e.g. a VNC server), now you can choose whether Firefox, Chromium or no browser will be installed.

    It is not an “install this browser now” selection, like for file server, SSH server or logging system, it’s a preference selection.

New supported SBCs

  • Pinebook Pro | Initial hardware identifier (ID: 46) Support for this device has been added to DietPi. DietPi image will be available for download starting with 30.05.2021.

Pinebook Pro

  • NanoPi R4S | Initial hardware identifier (ID: 47) Support for this device has been added to DietPi. DietPi image will be available for download starting with 30.05.2021.

NanoPi R4S

  • NanoPi R1 | Initial hardware identifier (ID: 48) Support for this device has been added to DietPi. DietPi image will be available for download starting with 30.05.2021.

NanoPi R1

DietPi Tools (new / notable updates)

  • DietPi-DDNS

    It has now a native support for FreeDNS and OVH, extending the list of existent options in DietPi-DDNS tool.

  • DietPi-VPN

    It includes now native support for IPVanish and Private Internet access (PIA).

    When “Reset” is selected, you’re now offered to purge the OpenVPN package, as long as neither the OpenVPN (server) install option nor PiVPN is installed. Many thanks to @maartenlangeveld for doing this suggestion: MichaIng/DietPi#4346.

    Allow inbound packets from the loopback interface. It is required to communicate with local servers (e.g. Pi-hole) running on the same machine, as the connection doesn’t count as established yet when the packets haven’t been accepted by the server yet.

  • DietPi-AutoStart

    It enables desktop auto login for non-root users more reliable. Earlier the X server itself was started by the login user, which often required additional permissions and sometimes, based on GPU and driver, was not possible at all (without further customisation). The method has been changed so that LightDM is used for non-root auto login, just like it is for manual desktop login, but logging into the desktop automatically with the chosen user.

  • DietPi-Software

    Along with the browser preference, a desktop preference option has been added to chose which desktop to install (only) when another software selection requires one, especially remote desktop solutions. This can be set prior to first boot, using the new setting available in dietpi.txt file:

    Configuration options

    There are available next options: 0 = LXDE | -1 = Xfce | -2 = MATE | -3 = LXQt | -4 = GNUstep

    Note: This option defines the desktop to be installed only when another selected software requires one. It won’t be installed if no other software requires a desktop and a manual desktop selection will override it.


or with the new menu entry. It works like the webserver preference, so it only play a role when a desktop is installed as dependency and a manually selected desktop from the full software list or software search list will override the preference.

Changes / Improvements / Optimisations

  • DietPi-Config | On Raspberry Pi, the Allo Boss2 DAC can now be selected from the sound card list. The OLED display that comes with this product currently needs to be installed manually by following Allo instructions, but will be natively integrated into DietPi with the next release v7.3.
  • DietPi-Software | WiringPi On Raspberry Pi, a new updated fork of the deprecated original project is now used, which enables support for Raspberry Pi 4, Raspberry Pi 400 and Raspberry Compute Module (CM) 4 - see WiringPi/WiringPi.
  • DietPi-Software | WiringPi On new installs and reinstalls, the source/examples directory is now installed to /mnt/dietpi_userdata/WiringPi instead of /root/wiringPi, to enable general access to non-root users.
  • DietPi-Software | Node.js On ARMv6, new Node.js versions are now installed via unofficial builds. Official builds for ARMv6 are provided up to Node v11 only. Many thanks to @ollliegits for adding support for this builds to our Node.js installer fork: MichaIng/nodejs-linux-installer!2.
  • DietPi-Software | EmonPi This software option has been renamed to emonHub, the name of the data collector for the emonPi RPi energy monitor addon board. A much newer Python 3 compatible version form the official OpenEnergyMonitor repository is installed from now on, providing additional features and fixes.
  • DietPi-Software | RPi Cam Control This install option has been disabled for 64-bit systems. It uses a 32-bit/armhfraspimjpeg binary that depends in 32-bit/armhf C library. It will be re-enabled once the project maintainer or we provide a native 64-bit/arm64raspimjpeg binary.
  • DietPi-Software | Roon Extension Manager After a major upgrade to v1.0, it is now implemented as Docker container, rather than as Node.js module. The upgrade can be applied by manually running next:

    dietpi-software reinstall 86

    Many thanks to @JanKoudijs for developing Roon Extension Manager and implementing the required changes into DietPi-Software: MichaIng/DietPi!4399. - DietPi-Software | Pi-hole New installs and reinstall will have the DNS query logging duration reduced to 2 days. An internal discussion revealed that no-one of us uses logs old than a few hours, while those are kept for a year by default, leading to database sizes from hundreds of MiBs to GiBs. We leave it at 2 days so that dashboard graphs/diagrams are not empty on Pi-hole (re)start. Users who require long-term DNS query data for statistics or similar, can easily increase the TTL, shown as well in our docs.

Bug Fixes

Removed Software

  • LibSSL1.0.0 This old library was kept for backwards-compatibility with old binaries but is not required anymore for any binary installed by DietPi-Software. It has hence been removed from the software list.