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Misc tools

Useful DietPi shell functions

There are a couple of general commands which have a shortcut in DietPi:

  • G_OBTAIN_CPU_TEMP - Prints integer format CPU temp in degree Celsius, for monitoring probably better than full cpu output
  • G_OBTAIN_CPU_USAGE - Prints CPU usage in percent in [x]x.x format
  • G_TREESIZE - Shows current directory/file sizes, recursively

The following commands are non-interactive, but error-handled wrappers for apt-get commands, useful for scripts which shall run non-interactive but allow interactive repeat and solution attempts:

  • G_AGI - apt-get install
  • G_AGP - apt-get purge
  • G_AGA - apt-get autoremove --purge
  • G_AGUP - apt-get update
  • G_AGUG - apt-get upgrade
  • G_AGDUG - apt-get dist-upgrade

DietPi Banner

Enables the configuration of the initial banner, displayed on logon. To start DietPi-Banner, use the following command:


DietPi-Banner config menu

Using these settings you can configure the information displayed initially, choosing the details displayed initially. See below an example where 4 options are selected:

DietPi-Banner print on login

DietPi CPU info

Displays CPU temperature, processor frequency, throttle level etc. via the command line command


DietPi-CPU_info screenshot

DietPi morse code

It converts a text file into morse code. To start DietPi morse code, use the following command:


DietPi bug report

To start DietPi bug report, use the following command:


DietPi-BugReport screenshot