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DietPi Optimised software Index


DietPi-Software is a core DietPi tool, allowing you to install Ready to run and Optimized software for your device. It automates the installation and configuration process for you and also applies specific optimizations unique to your hardware model. As a result DietPi-Software ensure you get the maximum performance from your device.

How do I run DietPi-Software and install Optimised software ?

To install any of the DietPi Optimised Software listed below run from the command line dietpi-launcher and selected DietPi-Software or launch the tool dietpi-software.

Choose Software optimised and select one or more items. Finally click on Install. DietPi will do all the necessary steps to install and start these software items.

DietPi Software

To see all the DietPi configurations options, review DietPi Tools section.

Documentation in progress…

The Optimised Software links marked in bold have a more detailed description. The other links redirect to the old documentation (available on Forum)


Desktop Utilities

Remote Desktop Access

Media Systems

BitTorrent / Download Tools

Emulation & Gaming

Camera / Surveillance

Cloud & Backup systems

WiFi HotSpot

Home Automation

Hardware Projects

Remote Access

System Stats / Management

System Security

Webserver Stacks


DNS Servers

Dynamic DNS Clients

File Servers


Network Load Balancer


Computational Science

SSH Server Choices

Log System Choices