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Documentation Ideas & Tasks

1. Development general

1.1 Branching

  1. Q: Shall we use (personal) branches to push changes directly into the master branch, or shall we use forking mechanisms?
  2. If using branches, which naming conventions shall we use for branch names (e.g. “dev--“. Example: “dev-StS-AddBoardImages” or “dev-MiI-DescribeWebserverStacks”)

Have branches on MichaIng/DietPi-Docs:

  • master branch: stable
  • dev branch: work on this branch and will be merged into master branch at planned release dates

Everyone works on his own fork for development. There “private” branches with “private” naming can be chosen.

Committing changes from the private fork branch to the dev branch on Micha’s repo shall be done via a pull request.

Merging should be done via 4-eyes method when merging to the master branch.

  • Rules are now enabled.

2. Files general

2.1 Filenames .md

Some of the filenames use -, others use _.
e.g. vs.
I would prefer the latter one: <docu type>_<chapter contents>.md.

Style Guide:

<docu type>_<chapter contents>.md, all lower case


ToDo: Change file names initially. Remark: Google search should be considered.

  • Petru to enable the new naming rules

2.2 File structure

Q: Shall we structure every chapter to subdirs (with own assets sub-subdirs)? This could lead to a more general structure if the docu is extending.

Could this lead to problems when chapters or images are used several times?

Open point, has to be cleared.

  • Petru to enable new file structure

3. Installation chapter

3.1 Docu structure


  • Installation (covers SBC installation and First boot on DietPi)
  • Advanced installation
  • Install DietPi on native PC
  • Install DietPi as an Oracle VirtualBox machine


  • Installation (covers overview over several options: SBC, PC, virtual machine)
  • Installation on SBC (contents)
  • Installation on native PC (contents)
  • Installation on VirtualBox machine (contents)
  • (later: - Installation on VmWare virtual machine)
  • First boot on DietPi (move this from the Installation on SBC section to here)


  • Use tabs in the content area (like there to distinguish between SBC, native PC, VirtualBox,etc. Below the tab area the First boot on DietPi section is located.

  • Stephan: Implement the changed Installation structure.

3.2 Description of dietpi-software usage

  1. Move 4. Install software with the DietPi-Software tool to DietPi Optimised software Index ?
    dietpi-software should not be a tool which is run only once during the installation.

Shall be moved to Getting started.

  • Stephan: Move contents.

Getting started shall contain often used procedures. Seldom used procedures shall be in Advanced configuration & DietPi tools.

4 Supported Single Board Computers (SBCs)

See there: Supported SBCs.

4.1 Structure of chapters

Harmonize/rearrange order in all sub-chapters:

  • Heading
  • Hardware description
  • Picture of hardware
  • Link table to images

  • Stephan: Harmonize sections.

4.2 Supported Single Board Computers (SBCs)

  1. Move NanoPi Series (FriendlyARM) below ASUS Tinker Board

  2. Stephan: Change order.

4.3 Description of DietPi PREP?

  1. Q: Shall we describe this issue in a comprehensive form?
    Possibly this will lead to too much questions?

Actually it is only referenced at the end of the Supported SBC section.

  • Stephan: Make a proposal with some more screenshots. Add a fat disclaimer/hint that advanced linux knowledge has to be present. No guarantee that this will work for every SBC. Basically use master branch, use dev for hardening/testing Micha’s PREP-script.

4.4 Name of .md file

  1. Q: Rename to

  2. Done with renaming/restructuring from Petru.

4.5 Images

Add images for

  • Firefly
  • Sparky SBC (Allo)

The images are available on\Download.

  • Stephan: Add images.

4.6 Headings of Optimized software list

Compare, table of contents on the right side with, structure on the left side.


  • Harmonize naming
  • List in alphabetical order


5. Desktops

Desktop basics DietPi Desktops:

  1. Add a section how to setup the Autostart options via dietpi-config to start with LightDM
  2. Have it similar to the collapsable description How do I run DietPi-Software and install Optimised software ?

  3. No extra description, because this is already described in the tab page Enable autostart.

LXQt (

  1. Add screenshot of desktop

  2. ToDo Stephan: Add image.

6. DietPi Tools

See there:

  1. Add a screenshot for Software Additional

  2. Todo Stephan: Move dietpi-software main menu screenshot above the tabs selection

  3. Todo Stephan: Add a screenshot for Software Additional within the corresponding tab section

7. Description of Webserver stacks

See there:

  1. Add a section how to select the webservers stacks via dietpi-software. Two options: Select via Software Optimized or via Webserver Preference (Preference is used in the case of the first webserver background installation).
  2. Section Webservers: Exchange the three bullets with the description “behind the links” (Webserver Preference System):
  3. Remove the links, but keep the three bullets
  4. Port the description Webserver Preference System to this section
  5. How to port the stack description to the Webserver stacks section? Idea:
  6. Divide the description into sections about webservers, about data bases and about PHP.

  7. Todo Stephan: Implement points 1. and 2. above

  8. Afterwards: Discuss how to implement point 3. above and decide further steps

See there:
At the bottom there is a link to jump back.
Q: Is this linking done in all necessary pages? If no, where should it be inserted?

  • Already done in this way.

9. Gitea software

9.1 Prerequisites

Describe/check user rights of dietpi user and letsencrypt.

9.2 Add section “hardening Gitea for external access (behind a router)”


How to go on?

  • First do a description about gitea hardening
  • Then describe a bit more general security solutions
  • Then possibly restructure the whole issue

10. Backup/Restore

Describe Backup/Restore: