(Setup Guide) Accessing files on your DietPi system

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(Setup Guide) Accessing files on your DietPi system

Postby Fourdee » Sat Apr 11, 2015 8:39 pm

Accessing files on your DietPi system:
DietPi-Software allows you to easily choose a method of accessing the files on your DietPi system.
Installing one of DietPi's file server choices will allow you to access and share files on your DietPi system.

dietpi-software fileserver choices.png

Change your File Server choice:
- Simply run dietpi-software.
- Select "File server" from the menu.
- Select the option you prefer.
- When your ready to install, select Go Start Install from the main menu.
DietPi will then automatically install and setup the fileserver for you. DietPi will also clean and remove any previous fileservers from your system.

Accessing ProFTP File Server:
- ProFTP File Server Details.

Accessing Samba File Server:
- Samba File Server Details.

What is the default destination directory for File Servers?:
- /mnt/dietpi_userdata

Why choose ProFTP over Samba?
- ProFTP outperforms Samba in all aspects of performance.
- ProFTP can max out the RPi 100mbit connection with minimal cpu usage.
- Samba server on a RPi v1 will hit 100% cpu usage at 40mbit transfer rate.
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