(Setup Guide) EmonPi | emoncms.org + API KEY

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(Setup Guide) EmonPi | emoncms.org + API KEY

Postby Fourdee » Fri Mar 25, 2016 4:08 pm

During Installation:
You will be asked to create a emoncms.org account and input your unique API Key. DietPi will automatically apply your API KEY during installation. If you did not complete this, or wish to change the API Key on your system, please follow the steps below.

Register Emoncms.org account:
Please register an account. The data from your EmonPi will be uploaded to this site.

Obtain your API Key from emoncms.org:
The API key is your unique code. This will allow your EmonPi to upload the data directly to your account.
  • Login to your http://emoncms.org account
  • Click Setup at the top right of screen
  • Click My Account
  • Make a note/copy of the Write API Key:

Change API Key on your system:
Method 1
Copy the following code and change the EnterYourAPIKEYHere text to your API KEY. Then paste into a terminal
Code: Select all
APIKEY="EnterYourAPIKEYHere";sed -i "/apikey/c\        apikey = $APIKEY" /etc/emonhub/conf/emonhub.conf
# Restart EmonHub service
service emonhub restart

Method 2
Edit the following file and under [[emoncmsorg]] add your API key apikey = MyAPIKEY
Code: Select all
nano /etc/emonhub/conf/emonhub.conf
# Restart EmonHub service
service emonhub restart

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