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PostPosted: Fri Dec 18, 2015 3:08 pm
by Fourdee
What is DietPi-Automation?
DietPi automation allows users to fully automate the whole installation process, and, automatically install optimized software from the DietPi-Software catalog.

We have also added features like:
  • Download and execute custom script during installation.
  • Auto mounting Samba/FTP client shares
All the automation options are available in the dietpi.txt file on the 1st partition of the DietPi images.

Configure and run a completely automated installation:
  • Download the latest DietPi image:
  • Write the DietPi image to your SDcard
  • Edit the file /boot/dietpi.txt to your needs
    • Change AUTO_Install_Enable=1 to enable automated installation with no user inputs.
    • Find software ID's you want to install, run dietpi-software list
    • Add those entries in, eg: AUTO_DietpiSoftware_Install_ID=44 will install Transmission.
  • Power on, watch the magic

Automation log:
DietPi-Automation will create a log file, containing details of the process, in the following location:
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